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Radiator Cap for Ducato C25 J5 Express Van Motorhome Diesel

Radiator Cap Supplied for Citroen C25

I’ve just done a match up for a radiator cap to fit a 1992 citroen c25 2.5 diesel motorhome for our friends at Glenns Motorhomes. There’s not many aftermarket suppliers of radiator caps so it’s not easy when nobody lists anything in the catalogues.

Radiator Cap for Citroen C25

Luckily I pulled out an old trusted cheat sheet, which lists loads of radiator caps with all their psi/bar ratings. On the old cap was written: lbs 0.15 (which is basically 15psi) and G1050 (commonly used numbering system for rad caps). Went to the shelf, trawled through a few boxes and hey presto..I found the exact same cap. The old cap said ‘Made in England’ and I joked with the ‘Fraz’ that I doubt ours one will be ; turns out I was wrong…the cap I found had exactly the same markings on as the original…including ‘Made in England’. Nice!

We don’t do as much ‘parts match up’ as we used to – maybe it’s because of improvements in catalogue data or maybe it’s ebay. Whichever, it’s definitely a good feeling when you beat the catalogues.

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